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Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation & Repair Service in Austin, TX

At Austin Roofing Contractors, our core philosophy is to bring value to the marketplace. We do this by following the golden rule of providing our services as we would want them provided to us. We provide a variety of services to homeowners in the Austin area, including: standing seam metal, tile, composition shingle, slate and options for flat roofing. We also provide carpentry related to roofing, rat-proofing and austin metal roofing. Our crews are highly trained, and our quality control and quality assurance is second to none. Austin Roofing Contractors believes in providing the best metal roofing services to their customers. In doing so, they have developed an education and training division to ensure their company provides the best service in Central Texas. It is called Austin Roofing Technologies, a unique part of the company, developed solely to train their employees, supervisors and roofers so they can provide the very best services to consumers in Austin and Central Texas.


 Standing Seam Metal Roofing Austin

While the upfront cost of metal roofs may be more than that of an asphalt roof, the overall lifetime cost is significantly less. Consider this: while an asphalt roof may be less expensive, it will need to be repaired or replaced 10 to 15 years later. Metal, however, can last up to 50 years or more.

Standing seam metal roof austin have other benefits, too, including reduced energy costs, reduced insurance prices, less likelihood of structural damage due to weather (such as hail storms), and increased resell value of your home through home appreciation.

Quick Facts About Metal Roofing Austin:

  • Reflective metal roofing can save up to 40% on summer energy bills
  • Highly emissive metal roofing can reduce urban air temperatures by up to 12°F
  • Homes with metal roofs gain 1 to 6% more in resell value over those with asphalt roofs
  • Several home insurance companies offer discounts for having weather-resistant metal roofing
  • Homeowners installing qualified roofs in 2009 and 2010 may be eligible for a roofing tax credit worth up to 30% of the materials cost (materials only) up to $1,500 per home


 Metal Roof Shingles Austin

 Austin Roofing Repairs

Composition shingles or metal roofing shingles austin are by far the most common type of roofing on homes today. Not only are composition shingles affordable, but they offer several color and design options, as well as impact resistance and energy efficiency with some types.

We use a variety of manufacturers for metal roofing shingles, including Owens-Corning, GAF-Elk, Atlas, Tamko, CertainTeed and more.

Quick facts about composition shingles:

  • Most affordable roofing option
  • Numerous color and pattern options available
  • Some are impact resistant
  • Made using recyled materials
  • Some shingle manufacturers recyle up to 90% of their production waste

It is our main goal as a top-notch Austin company to serve our customers with excellence and integrity from the initial design phase to the completion of their project. Our professional contractors can handle any project no matter how large or small scale it may be. Rest assured that all your home needs are in good hands.

Austin Roofing Contractors subscribes to the belief that cost does not have to be affected to improve the quality of their services.


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